2022. Work on canvas.

2020-present. Acrylic on canvas.
All available works are open to offers.

2022. Digital.
Available as NFT.

2021. Audiovisual.

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General acknowledgement

While I have implemented the possibility to order prints directly from my website and I'm certainly committed to ensure a swift and smooth art acquiring experience, please be informed that this is definitely not a full-time pro web shop business; I process any possible orders in their entirety in my spare time to the best of my abilities.


Canvas prints are professionally developed on high-quality acrylic-coated 360 g/m2, cotton blend fabric and stretched on robust wooden (FSC-certified) stretcher frames. Stretcher frame is 2 cm (0.8") in depth and will include mounting hangers and wedges.

Photobase prints are professionally developed on high-quality resin-coated 260 g/m2, smooth high gloss true photobase. Photobase prints are meant to be framed (frames not included). If in doubt, choose plain solid black frames.

Each canvas and photobase print is exclusive; when sold, it will no longer be available for purchase.

Each print is custom-manufactured in Finland by order.


Item should normally arrive within 3-4 weeks to most of the world in spite of selected delivery method, and maximum delivery time in the rare case of unexpected delays shall be 12 weeks. Prints are carefully examined prior to dispatching.

Canvas prints are shipped in large Priority packages. Depending on the item and destination, Priority Package delivery may in some cases be handled by UPS or another courier company. If you have questions or concerns regarding delivery, please contact o@inha.ai before purchasing.

Photobase prints are rolled in silk paper and shipped in hard tube packages. This applies also to Priority Large Letter delivery method.

Each print is custom-manufactured by order. For this reason, by default there is no return/refund policy after the order has been taken into handling (exceptions may apply). Naturally full refund is granted if I am unable to handle or dispatch the order for any reason.

All items are shipped from EU – Please be aware that additional customs and taxes may apply in the country of destination.


Pickup of physical items is possible from my studio at Hämeentie 155, Helsinki (Arabia/Vanhakaupunki), or from Sörnäinen metro station area (Kallio). Pickup time must to be agreed in advance (preferably a few days).

Non-fungible tokens

Some works are available as exclusive (1/1 mint) non-fungible tokens (NFT). Purchasing an NFT means you alone have sole ownership of the associated digital artwork. NFT does not mean or include copyright of the associated media.

While NFTs are used for many purposes, you may think of purchasing NFT art as purchasing an oil painting from an art gallery; only the media is digital instead of oil on canvas. NFT is your certificate of authenticity and proof of ownership concerning the artwork.

Special terms

Please be aware that the following terms concern only NFTs created by me and sold on this website and/or linked NFT market places. These terms do not concern NFTs in general.

All NFTs include Use Rights of associated media for personal and for commercial purposes in digital and in print, excluding tokenization (minting) or other means of selling digital or printed copies of the associated media as is without clearly distinct entirety of context. Commercial usage requires attribution to artist (O. Inha). Rights to further use the associated media for any purposes are immediately discontinued in the event of NFT ownership termination.

Some NFTs may be exchangeable to physical items (Physical NFT). Exchange of NFT to a physical item is free of shipping cost and any other additional charges. Please note that customs and taxes may still apply in the country of destination of the physical item. All physical items are shipped from EU.

To proceed with Physical NFT exchange, follow the relevant link attached to the NFT.

Please contact o@inha.ai for additional information.


I'm Olavi Inha from Helsinki, Finland. I'm a creative technologist by day and an artist by night. My day job is manufacturing the Internet. On my spare time I work on auditive, acrylic and digital arts.

Since 2019, I have been working mostly on generative digital arts and associated code. Artificial neural networks are heavily utilized in my artwork, and I'm in a continuous search for new means to utilize them in the creative process. Follow my instagram for experimentation and by-products born in this quest.

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